WINBLOCK is a new form of producing UPVC window's. Easy in use and environmental friendly. WINBLOCK is developed for multiple UPVC systems. This system has proven its possibilities over the years.

Window innovation supplies a total concept for manufacturing U-pvc windows.




Manufacturer of U-PVC Windows:
On-side assambly, Windows and, Doors and More...

Producers of U-PVC of window profiles:
Serv smaller manufactorers, A total line-up in winblocks for all possible window and door solutions





Manufacturers of U-PVC Windows:
Easy to use, Low costs production facillity, Low energy ussage, Less steel ussage and More..

Producers of U-PVC of window profiles
Creating new markets on a fast low cost manner, Easy to startup new U-pvc window manufacturer.


Window Innovations Netherlands is a company that is using more than 35 years of experience to create new products for the international U-PVC window producing market

Our main focus is to produce smarter, save energy and costs, to create a better company result in every way


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